Kayak trip on the Current river.

I am planning a multiday camping/kayak trip on the Current river. We will be starting at Cedar grove and will be travelling to Two rivers. Every place we have called to assist us with getting back to our start point runs about 120.00 to move the vehicle or shuttle us. Does anyone know of a less expensive way of accomplishing this? Any help would be appreciated.


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Sometimes your best option and what I usually try to do is paddle with friends or at least one other paddler. Stage a vehicle at each end of your trip then when you finish your run you have transportation waiting to get you back to your starting point to pick up your other vehicle.

Staging vehicles does take up time at the beginning or end of your trip because one way or another you have to drive the complete length of your paddling run twice. Also requires two vehicles so depending on how far you are traveling to get to your paddling destination you may or may not save anything.

This method of piggy back shuttling has worked well for us over the years when we paddle rivers that are close to home or when we paddle rivers where there are no outfitters to hire for vehicle shuttle.

When I paddle the Current river its about a 5 hour trip from my home one way so not really worth taking two vehicles unless the number of paddlers warrant a second ride.

Many Outfitters are available on the Current River. I recommend 2 Rivers Outfitters located just outside of Eminence Mo at the confluence of the Current and Jacksfork rivers. 120.00 does sound about right for that distance, maybe a little high.

I would recommend starting at Baptist camp access about 11 miles farther upstream from Cedar Grove access. In my humble opinion that is the nicest part of the river and you would miss it by starting at cedar grove.

John R

As JESTF suggests, the alternative it to do it yourself. It probably is cheaper to run your own shuttle, but by the time you factor in driving two vehicles and the time and fuel you burn setting shuttle, then retracing your steps, it is often worth it to pay an outfitter to shuttle you.

My friend and I ran our own shuttle the first time I canoed the St. John River. It took 14 hours. My car got towed while we were on the river. When I ran the St. John two years later, I gladly forked over $120 for a shuttle.

Secure parking for your vehicles is another concern. Often, the shuttle provider can offer secure parking. If you are setting your own shuttle, the vehicles are often left at some remote location where there is risk of break in.


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I float the Current every year and have for the last 30 years. I suggest you start at Baptist Camp and drop all your gear, then drive to Akers and rent a kayak. Park at Akers and let them shuttle you for the 25 dollar kayak rental. Float to your car return the kayak and drive to the twin rivers and do the same. your cost should be minimal that way. I take my family and friends every year and the only cost is a kayak rental. I bring 4 kayaks and a canoe on a suburban with some redneck engineering. Very cheap.

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GREAT IDEA, I’ve never thought of that.

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sez the shuttle one way is 47 miles.

Figure $2/mile

Goo sez the new map function is beta

Advised 47 mile time was 15 hours..

we understand MO folk are slow but 15 hours ?

If the shuttle is 2 way then 120 is dirt cheap.

How many in your 'party' ?

120 is reasonable

Don’t know about that
Not dirt cheap but reasonable, may be a little high for Missouri Ozark river shuttle rates, guess everything is relative. I pay less on some other Ozark streams, Current river outfitters are always a little higher.

John R

Run your own shuttle or pay. sometimes you can hitchhike back.

The more that go
the cheaper it is, but you know that. Juanita at two rivers took care of me on my first paddle there, another from Akers Ferry was fair too. Splitting the cost is just ‘part of it.’

Have a fine paddle… awesome river.


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