Kayak trip on the Current river.

I am planning a multiday camping/kayak trip on the Current river. We will be starting at Cedar grove and will be travelling to Two rivers. Every place we have called to assist us with getting back to our start point runs about 120.00 to move the vehicle or shuttle us. Does anyone know of a less expensive way of accomplishing this? Any help would be appreciated.

They are all expensive
as far as I know.

You can check this website if you have not already:


There is a sizable Facebook group for the Current River, Jacks Fork, and Eleven Point River. If you know the exact dates of your trip, you might possibly be able to find someone doing a trip at the same time that you could shuttle with. This might oblige you to coordinate the day you take out so as to drive someone back to Cedar Grove, however.

E-mail Me
If your group is 4 or less I can give you a lift for gas money

Kayak trip on the Current river.
Sir, that sounds like a very good idea. For planning purposes do you know the rough amount it would cost?

Also, just throwing this out there, there will be 2 of us with 2 kayaks and possibly a dog.

Thanks again and the best way to get a hold of me would be by email.

Check your e-mail
we’ll figure something out

Another shuttle offer
You didn’t say when the trip is planned, but if you need another option I could do the shuttle if I am in town. I live just outside of Eminence so any time of the day/evening would be okay. Send me an e-mail if you are still looking. I would need about half the quoted price.


Thought We Might…
…shuttle them and take a paddle ourselves? Haven’t heard a word from them, though.