Kayak trips

Last year four of us walked for eight days on Hadrian’s Wall, UK, from the Atlantic to the North Sea. Hardian’s wall was built by the Romans to keep out the Picts and Scots . We stayed at a different inn every night and said ‘to hell with camping’.It was terrific. I’d like to do the same in my kayak. Anybody know of any routes that can be done this way ?

Gulf of Maine
While many of us belong to MITA (Maine Island Trail Association) and camp on the islands, you can nearly as easily stay at B&Bs.

Cruising Guides intended for pleasure boaters can be a good reference and resource.

California Coastal Trip
You could certainly do this in Southern California; you would need some local knowledge to plan it but I suspect you could paddle from North of Santa Barbara to the mexican border and stay in hotels or motels within walking distance of the surf. LA area would be kind of dodgy.