kayak /trolling motor advice

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I can no longer paddle for medical reasons, and am looking for advice. I want to buy a kayak that I can use a small trolling motor on. I also wondered if anyone knows about outfitting a kayak for a disabled paddler. Is it possible to mount small hand rails next to the seat to help me sit down and pull myself up. Any help or advice would be great. I miss the water terrible!!! thanx-nancy

Don’t know your particular…
limitations but would think a canoe with a trolling motor might be easier to get in and out of.

Hobie makes the “Outback” that is peddled, not paddled. It ain’t cheap but it’s sweet.

A couple of the guys over at kayakfishingstuff.com have added trolling motors to their yaks and they did really professional jobs. You might do a search for their site and ask around a bit.

Hope this helps.

Disabled kayak
I am disabled and use a Cobra Fish n dive kayak outfitted with a electric trolling motor. I carry a spare battery in a milk crate mounted in the jump seat. I solo camp and can,t paddle long distances so the spare battery gives me some insurance. It also powers my fish finder. You could mount hand bars on a kayak like my Cobra. It is a stable yak and can carry 600 lbs. I also have outriggers to make it more stable which also helps while getting in and out of the kayak. Hope this helps give you some ideas. Laketraveler

disabled kayaker
A local builder here,www.jammerboats.com builds some fiberglass kayaks with this feature. i have one and its nice. Kacey

Run a search
on P.net. There was a thread about an outfit that works with disabled paddlers. I can’t remember the name of it, but they should have some real good ideas. My late wife was an MSer. It’s surprising what you can do if you put your mind to finding solutions. Good luck and be safe.