Kayak Truck Bed Hitch Receiver

Good Afternoon-

I was hoping I might be able to get some suggestions/insight on a Pick-up truck bed hitch extender for my kayak.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions on any brand? I want it obviously to be durable, and a reputable hitch extender as well.

Is it more beneficial to have the extender with the football field goal posts upright or does it not matter to have the uprights on the extender?

Thank you so much in advance!

Scott W.

kayak length
Depends on how long the boat is. These extenders might work for a 12’ long boat, they aren’t going to work on a boat longer than that though, not enough support.

Better and about the same cost is to put a single rack on the truck cab and get a T bar to go into your receiver so your supports are like 8’ or so apart.

I used a simple T shaped receiver mount bar for years, not problems at all, uprights like a goal post just get in the way.

Bill H.

Truck bed extender
by Best Choice (SKY 1386) bought from Amazon for $85 works fine for my 17’ kayak in 8’ truck bed. It extends about 2’ (from memory) beyond lowered tailgate and offers plenty of support for kayak.