Kayak-type paddle for a Canoe

Anyone know of a campany that makes wooden kayak-type paddles for canoes? Would like to have one for my 12-ft. one-seater Old Town canoe. If not, what length kayak paddle would suffice?

Grey Owl Tempest
I use a 260cm for my Hornbeck Lost Pond.

I use a Greenland paddle with my
Wen Vagabond UL solo and really like it to keep up with my yak friends and for windy days with a lot less joint stress. Had it made a bit longer (264cm) to clear the gunnels easily & for higher-angle strokes, and big sweeps and spins. I carry single blade for narrow/overhung creeks. A conventional euro double at 260 may work fine for you. Believe BBranches has a long wood double blade too. Would borrow some and try a variety of styles and lengths, and don’t let the “purists” discourage you :-). R

double paddle
Lots of companies make wood double paddles, that’s not a problem. I just use a Aquabound 230 for my Argosy, works fine. I use it mostly for small streams and it’s too easy to break an expensive paddle on them, so use a cheap one.

Bill H.

Foxworx makes wooden double-bladed paddles ranging from 250 - 280 cm in length: http://www.foxworxpaddle.com/kayak_paddle_page.html

I find that using a paddled less than 250 cm in length in a canoe leads to too much paddle drip into the boat. Others seem happy with 230-240 cm paddles.

An inexpensive alternative is made by Mohawk Paddles and consists of aluminum and plastic and comes in 8 and 9 foot lengths: http://www.mohawkpaddles.com/Double_Bladed_Canoe_Paddle_9_details.aspx

I would definitely recommend having a conventional paddle in the boat, and buying a take-apart double bladed paddle so that it can easily be stowed in the canoe when not in use.

Didn’t know they made a double paddle, have one of their bent shaft regular paddles and it’s lovely, has become one of my favorite paddles :slight_smile:

Bill H.

Wide works best for my boat…
I’m running a 280cm carbon fiber Wave paddle in my OT Pack and it works well.