Kayak Type Question


my dad recently ran into a pair of Pelican Ram-X Wave kayaks. He uses them rarely for fishing purposes. I noticed though that it had a lip for the skirt and was wondering if it could be used for whitewater? I have some class 2 and 3 runs nearby with maybe one class 4 rapid on them. Is it something that i could take them on? I would say im an intermideate kayaker and have been probably 10+ times if that helps.


Recreation kayaks are made for the local pond and not class 3-4 whitewater.

If you are asking this question…
you need to re-examine your self-rating. Skill level is about understanding a paddling environment and having specific skills in it, not just getting by a certain number of times.

I agree this sounds harsh. But it sounds like you are underestimating what is involved in really managing your run in a class 4, and that is dangerous.

Whitewater Kayaks
have a large center pillar that keeps the boat from collapsing in case of a pin against an object in flowing water. Rec kayaks don’t have this and will entrap you in a pin.

Search for Kayak Pin on youtube to get an idea why you don’t want to use a rec boat.

I have seen people run increasingly
difficult whitewater in rec kayaks or Folboats or Colemans. Sooner or later comes a serious incident or two. It’s better to get a used ww boat and some fresh instruction.

I’ll second that
Please don’t take what Celia said and what I’m about to say the wrong way. Celia was actually being quite gentle; your concept of paddling about ten times and arriving at an intermediate level is just a little off.

No one is trying to insult you, but someday when you’ve got hundreds, or thousands of experiences, you will probably reassess what an intermediate is.

Not to be a jerk…
In short that type of boat on that type of water can actually get you killed.

I love to see new people in the paddling world. I would recommend taking classes or getting with a local group. If you are the Boise, Idaho area I can assist with this.

After a couple of years of serious paddling you will re-evaluate what you consider intermediate.