Kayak Type?

Looking to buy a kayak, but I don’t even know where to start. I have a good bit of experience with whitewater kayaking and rafting, but I am looking for a change of pace on with my next purchase. Going to be mostly on rivers and lakes, might want to do a little fishing as well. Not sure where to look; recreational, touring, fishing, etc. Any suggestions?

Dagger Alchemy 14.0S
This boat is definitely longer than a squirt kayak,

could cover some distance on a large lake,

yet it’s still maneuverable on a river.

Easy in/out cockpit; not a itty bitty keyhole.

Thigh braces for a bit of wave fun if needed as well.

Has some hatches for day/weekend tripping and at

about 23 inches in width provide a fish/photo platform.

some examples
If there are any paddling shows in your area all of the major companies will display their entire product line. There are even hybrids that blend features from various types.

Here’s one big company’s website


Pungo 14
The Pungo 14 or maybe the 12 if you aren’t a big guy.

Also a SOT might be a good choice.

You in Alabama? There are some paddling stores around the state that you might be close to…

Jim (Huntsville, AL)

Your profile…
indicates ocean/sea as well as the other environments. Would you expect this be boat to also handle ocean if you are near it?

to many …
…variables, Recs are wide,stable, slow, large cockpit openings, easy in/easy out,often in recs your knees are higher than the gunwales, paddle like barges in rough water, IMO they don’t like waves. Touring/sea kayaks- more difficult entry /exit, spray skirt compatible, front /rear storage if long enough.rudder/skeg ready. rougher water friendly.narrower,faster ,easier to paddle than recs. SOT’s…fisherman friendly-wide-stable-slow barges(except maybe the high-end fiberglass SOT’s), you will get wet in a SOT. this is a a generalization of the boats. as they say in P’Net …try B4 u buy !