Kayak value

I have a older aquaterra chinook kayak probably 16 or 17 feet, it needs a really good cleaning because it’s been in the shed for a couple years but structurally it’s pretty good I believe , I’m wondering about what the value might be


Free to a good home…
If someone would promise to bring it back to useable.

Ancient boat. Antiques don’t do well in the kayak market.

I paid $75 five years ago for an old Chinook but that was only to get the really nice stainless steel rudder and pedal control assembly somebody had retrofitted onto it – I was going to just scrap the boat itself but it ended up in my hoarder ex-boyfriend’s barn where it is probably functioning as an apartment for raccoons… The seats in the old Aquaterras are miserable and most of the old ones I’ve seen are oil-canned. I would not trust the plastic on a boat that old and that neglected. IF it isn’t oil-canned and you can clean it up, somebody might take it for $50, but I’d advise just posting it for free “as is” on Freecycle.

You can get 75-100 on Craigslist cleaned up and working

As a “beater boat” for rocky areas, you could get $100 for the Aquaterra. I sold one last year for $200, but it was pristine… and heavy.

I almost regret selling that kayak since it would be great for paddling the Susquehanna River which has tons of boulders about 4" below the surface. That said, hoisting my composite sea kayak on my shoulder for transport to the car is so much more pleasant.

Price will be dictated by condition: not oilcanned, hatch covers intact, rudder operational, and no one pays money for a kayak full of mouse poop. Clean it thoroughly.

Where are you located? Maybe I do need a beater boat again.