Kayak VR (though I prefer the real thing)

‘Phantom Covert Ops is VR Splinter Cell in a kayak’

Not a VR’er, don’t expect to be, but this sounds interesting.
I’d like to hear a review from a paddler, after it comes out.

This sort of thing sounds like a neat idea to use on indoor exercise machines.
Back in the day (when living in a cold environment), I would have loved to have something like this for those long winter hours spent indoors on the rowing erg and nordtrack

Although kayak infiltrations of troops were tried in special ops it is not as useful as inflatable raft use.

I could see kayak video of team /individual racing, white water, or gentle waves to be more motivation during paddling sessions on the machine.

Regarding virtual kayaking, KayakPro ergs have optional software that allows you to hookup the machine to your pc/TV so you can compete against other people real-time or yourself (previous times), or computer generated paddlers, for a variety of “locations” with attractive scenery.

It’s a fun diversion, but I rarely hook it up, and usually use the erg alone. Long erg sessions can be boring but on the flip side I find it a great time to practice meditation ( I focus on breath) while I train. Comes in handy on very long days and crossings when you have a long way to go and your (over-active) mind starts to get restless.