Kayak w. outrigger

Take a look & opine… I admit to liking the hatch config, looks roomy & practical. The kayak is light and narrow.

Am trying to imagine how the outrigger would be deployed in arctic rescue operations:


If you just want the pic and not the whole eBay listing:


look at the size of that rudder!!!

It’s set up for sailing…
I’ve seen several of these Easy Rider boats set up this way, and the outrigger/large rudder are a part of the Easy Rider sailing kit.

Another comment about the large rudder on some Easy Rider boats…

A friend of mine has an old Easy Rider Eskimo 17 (not rigged for sailing), and the rudder on even that boat is huge (when not deployed, it just sticks up in the air like a “fixed” weathervane; which makes rudder deployment in a bit of wind pretty much an ironic necessity). I haven’t paddled that boat for a long time, but I do remember it being a pretty nicely handling boat (though I wasn’t exactly thrilled with it on the purely aesthetic level).



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That's what I was thinking too. It's got everything but the rig (and the cross bars mentioned in the add).
I can't imagine wanting the outrigger otherwise.
There's a guy on the Yahoo canoe sailing group who uses an outrigger like that with his 17' canoe and fairly large sails. Looks like fun!


Here’s the web site:

The Kayak can be used with or with out the outrigger. But, it looks like when you set out for your paddling adventure, be it a couple hours or couple of weeks, you set up the boat as desired and leave it that way.

I find their boats very interesting, but have never paddled one. Too bad this one is on the other side of the country.


He lowered the price to $1200
Man, at that price how can you go wrong. I’ve been thinking about that boat, a lot. Too bad its on the other side of the country…


THe water drag on that outrigger…
…would be tremedous. So if you weren;t going to sail it, it’d be a bear and a half to paddle. Sort of an antiquated kayak design, and those EasyRider ads in Sea Kayaker magazine have not changed in a decade. Not exactly cutting edge technology. I personally wold have no use for such a dowdy design.

A take a part tandem for you…
For those that were looking for tandems and take a part kayaks. All in one package. Yes its an Easy Rider!


And a tandem for those that hate Seawards, sorry not a take a part: