Kayak w/ retractable outriggers

Anyone seen this before? Anyone paddled it?


I don’t like it
My roll is only good for the first 180 degrees and that thing would screw it ALL up!

I also don’t like it because I use the back of the kayak for storage and as a platform for holding my stuff. It would tough to hold stuff if the back is split open like that.

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I’d be impressed if you really rolled
a SOT fishing kayak on flat water :slight_smile:

I agree with you on the storage issue - my tank well is where I store all my gear, cutting it in half like that wouldn’t be good.

In my opinion, this thing is a gimmick. Your average SOT fishing kayak is pretty darned stable on its own. I have stood up and casted from mine before.

What they said.
Plus, $1900 is an awful lot of money for an 85lb plastic SOT. That’s a total rip-off.


Those who have bought one like 'em
But, they are heavy and you can buy a set of outriggers or build your own, plus byy a good SOT for a lot less. My own opinion about why the owners like them is they don’t want to admit they bought a pig in a poke.

He’s got the fundamentals of a good roll
I’ve seen it.

Oh, I wasn’t doubting his skills

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In general, though, most SOT fishing yaks are so wide and inherently stable it's hard to just get them to flip on flat water if you try, and have so much crap on them that you really wouldn't want to roll one :)

Now in surf, with thigh straps, that's a different story.

Yet, I read all the time on TKF of those
who turtle their SOT’s. I suspect that an extra bottle or two of beer is often involved and, as is common with fishermen, they were probably doing something stupid. I say that as a fisherman who’s done a few stupid things on the water.