Kayak Wall Hanger

I am wondering what is a decent wall hanger for our 2 kayaks. It seems the nylon straps that hang from J-hooks are the least expensive system. Are they any good? I like the metal wall racks where you just set your kayak on a padded bracket myself but is it good for the kayak hull?

I haven’t seen any made of metal
but I made one like you described out of 2x4’s. Padding on the “arms.” Doesn’t seem to hurt my boats at all.

Make your own?
Some possibilities: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/75339831lYACpl

The 2x4 ones are easy and probably a little over-designed. The straps work well 'cuz they conform to whatever the hull sheps might be.

Another home-made

Make your own for < $20
How about this…


Home Depot has hangers
They are less than $10 per pair - have padded metal bars and work fantastic. Best deal around and they even include the bolts.

I made mine
I used 1" EMT (metal conduit) I bent them into a “J” shape and made a couple of holes in the long arm of the “J” for nails. Then I just nailed them to the 2x4’s in my garage and put some 1" pipe insulation on them.

wall hangers
I’ve made my own as well. They are metal (ladder hooks) that I bent a bit to further the “J” shape. I also added a foam pool noodle over them as added protection. They work wonderful and were about $20 to make. There are many web sites that have make your own instructions, just search for them.

Home depot brackets
Hi.you have me interested in your home depot brackets.Where did you find them? My kayaks are 14 ft recreational.New to kayaking.


Kayak Storage Tips
Thought you may want to check out a page on our new website called “Kayak Storage Tips”. Our understanding from the industry, other paddlers and our experience is it is best to suspend your kayaks so they never are stored on a hard surface. The goal is to distribute the weight of the kayak equally to prevent dents and hull distortion. Here is the link: http://www.suspenzkayakstorage.com/storage-tips

kayak hanger
The least expensive way is to go to home depot or your favorite hardware store and get a metal bracket. The one I have is an “L” shaped bracket that is about 14 inches long and deep. It holds up to 50 pounds. It costs around $3.99 each. I bought four of them to hang my two kayaks and bungeed them to the bracket. The whole system to hold two boats cost me less than 20 bucks.

Buyers’ Guide
You can see a lot of storage options in the Paddling.net Buyer’s Guide at:




Wall Mount Carriers
Malone Auto Racks now makes a metal J-style wall system from metal that holds two kayaks. A link to their website is on p-nets homepage.

Heavy duty Arm hanger
Got these at Home Depot. $4/each, rated at 50 lbs each.



Nylon Straps
I used a set of nylon straps that have a buckle.

I use another set to lash down the kayaks on my car. Put a screw through the strap about 5" from the buckle into the wall stud. Do the same with the other strap. Lash the kayak to the wall cockpit side to the wall. I have 3 kayaks lashed to the wall with a 2" space between them.

Ummmmm…I found them at …
HOME DEPOT. Look in the bracket/wall hanger area.

Great ideas all around… anyone ever use the Talic Slingset straps? I’m considering them myself right now.

Granted these aren’t as cheap as the homemade options everyone is talking about, but for a commercial product, I thought they look decent…

Installed my hangers today…
My wife was nagging me to get her kayak off the garage floor so I went to Home Depot and purchased a pair of these hangers as suggested. I have to say they worked perfectly and were so easy to install. Once you find the wall studs you can have the hangers up in like 5 minutes and they even supply the wood screws. So for $8 for 2 hangers I have a strong and secure wall rack that only sticks out 14 inches and no securing straps needed. Thank you so much for the idea. I am making her take back her $35 hanging wall straps from REI. This is so much easier to get your kayak on and off than those strap hangers. You guys rock!!!