Kayak Wall Rack Advice and Plan

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I have four kayaks and wish to mount on wall in garage. I think--from reviewing online sources--that I would like to use my chop saw and a bunch of 2x4s and make brackets that hold kayaks sideways (or mostly tilted sideways, anyhow)and just lag a pair of them each into the wall studs. Anyone have plans or an online link for this project? Would involve some angled cuts, and although I could do by trial and error, I figured one of my cyber-paddling pals out there may have ideas. Alteratives would be helpful too. I did see the purchase wall racks, such as the j-hooks offered online, but I see about $59 per yak, seem sort of flimsy, and for 4 yak rack setsplus shipping would cost me over $250. Thinking I can make for about $80 total, wood and screws. Will my plastic yaks oilcan if I place on J racks... I don't know. Anyone done it? Ideas please? Thank you.

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No angles needed. I you make an L shape with a lip on the board that will be sticking out from the wall your kayaks will not be able to slip off

you will hafe to store them at an angle should not be a problem. O-yeah for the corners I would make some triangles out of wood and nail them to the sides in the corners to give extra support in the joints. Good Luck shoulb be easy.

I used 1/2 inch threaded pipe

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I screwed a flange to the wall and used a 12 inch, a 45 elbow, a six inch and a cap. Of course you need two of each. Cover with pipe insulation and you are good to go. Easy to move too. I got this idea from someone else here.

Check this thread. http://www.paddling.net/message/showThread.html?fid=advice&tid=166118

It has a post to a picture of it. Cyber... made it.

Kayak wall rack
What a number of dealers use is the webbing and Fastek buckles hangers. I know they will hang at least 3 kayaks one above another, and should give you no oil-canning problems.

They are on eBay, if you don’t want to make them yourself.


Go to Home Depot…
and pick up those big wall mounting brackets. They already have pipe insulation on them as well and they cost about $4-5 each. I simply attach them to studs on my garage wall and it’s a quick, easy, and CHEAP method of storing kayaks on their side. Currently I have 3 kayaks stored in that fashion and they work remarkably well.

Rolling Rack
If this link doesn’t go straight to it look for $30 ROLL-AROUND KAYAK RACK


You guys are THE BOMB!

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Thanks a million, already five great ideas within one hour of posting. all exceptional ideas. Thanks so very much to you all. I will research.

Wall Racks
Try these:


Woweee, classic webshots
Eahc of the ideas abouve are in the webshots, much appreciatd link. I like the horizontal strap sling idea, but I still think they may deform the kayak over the winter (unless I remmeber to shift the kayak in the slings periodically, which I won’t). The sideways method with either pipe or wood or prefab Home Depot ladder racks, each method mentioned above, should be fine for me. I think you are all super people and I bow to you and may the scent of 1000 camels infest your… wait, that ain’t right. May you have a super weekend and hit the lottery or something. There, that’s better.

New storage rack from Malone
Malone came out with a wall mount side load storage rack this year at the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. I’m not sure if it is for sale yet but seemed like the price was around $30 complete.

Wall rack
This is what I did a few years ago.


Since then, I have moved to a WS Tempest 165, and a Wenonah Vagabond. They are in a small “barn” with racks. May put a few pics on in the near future.

Good luck!


Talic Kayak Condo
Thanks for all the super duper advice and webshots. I looked but could not find at Home Depot or Lowe’s any preformed metal hangers that would accomodate a kayak. So, I was just about to buckle down and buy 2x4s and use my chop saw to cut some yak racks, when I got this month’s p-net newsletter email that had the ad for the new Talic Kayak Condo. Price $99 for three kayak storage, but with paddling perks membership I was able to get 15% off… which basically means free shipping and no sales tax, if you want to look at it that way. So, I bought a couple of them. I figure at about $33 per rack, maybe twice what it would cost me for materials to make them, and time is saved (as well as, likely, a couple of fingers). If anyone has experience with this rack in particual let me know, otherwise I will have to tell you thoughts once I get them here. Info on the paddling perks link on p-net.

Saw them at my local dealer the other day. $29.00 per pair. Nice rubber lined with an integrated tie down strap to keep the yak from getting knocked or blow off.