kayak wall rack

I’m thinking about making some wall racks for my kayaks out of some 2/4s. Just a two by four at each end with another one angled down to suport it. Sound ok? Am I going to damage the kayak just sitting on 2/4s? one is a liquic logic xp 9 and the other one is a jackson rouge.



Should work okay
some of my boats set on 1" pipe with no harm.

If you want more support turn the 2 x 4 that holds the boat so the boat rests on the 4" side. If you feel you need more padding put a piece of pool noodle on it.

Good luck


Will work fine
Don’t use pool noodles, they will squash completely flat in a week or so with constant weight on them. Use minicell or ethafoam.

Add a line or bungie to hold it tight against the wall.


buy vs. build
Wall racks you buy are made for the job. I use Swagman Tajo but there are many others.


I built my own
I used scrap 2 by 4 from Home Depot so wood was like 6 bucks the screws that I assembled it with cost the most at 12 bucks. I got real wide 3 inch strap which i got online for about 40 cents a foot or something around there.Two pictures of setup below. Thats my Eddyline Nighthawk 16.



kayak wall rack
i use the same method as dc9mm, but lay my boats flat as i have several in order to fit everything in. I also have 6 SUPs, thus use the same system but less space in between. i don’t use padding and never had issues with dings, etc.

Same idea, but one thing more
I made a standing rack for outside (live in CA), built to permit the kayak to lie on a side. Then, rather than wooden supports that might dent the polyethylene, I attached rubber straps I made from a couple of old bicycle tires. The kayak now rests comfortably on those straps instead of the wood, which means NO dents.

I use the Talic Kayak Condo rack in the 3 kayak configuration (http://talic.com/cat25.php?osCsid=0b13d3901f4946321dff3be665a5741e). It is well made and depending on the cost of your kayaks, inexpensive for the protection it offers. I bought mine from Austin Kayak (http://www.austinkayak.com/products/4935/Talic-Kayak-Condo-Storage-Rack-Triple.html) as they usually have a 15 or 20% coupon code and free shipping I believe. Not a bad deal.

Stand on end
You don’t say if it’s a garage or what the ceiling clearance is, but standing on end is a preferred way (minimal hull stress) for boat storage, and those are relatively short boats. I do that with a mat under them to prevent slippage. I orginally thought about putting pegs between them for the same reason, but it has not proved necessary.

If you can engineer something yourslef, do it. With any product the includes “kayak” or “canoe” in its description (especially storage and vehicle racks), the gouge factor seems to exceed 3x.