Kayak walls too thick for eyelet

Hello! I have an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 that I bought second hand. The front carry handle was modified from the original design so it no longer has the threaded inserts in it and the walls of the kayak in that section is ridiculously thick (like over 3 inches) and I can’t see rivets or well nuts holding anything well there. Any suggestions for a fix?

Doesn’t sound correct that the kayak too deck is 3" thick plastic Is there a foam block under the deck?
If you have inside access get a luggage style kayak handle, drill thru and install with long bolts and nuts.

Post a pic ?
Buy either longer bolts or helicoils…

Oh wow I feel dumb. Not sure why I didn’t think to look inside the cargo area but the holes where the rivets were have huge dimpels on them! The walls themselves are thin but for some reason they put big dimples in the hole sections. Tha ks for waking up my mind, haha!