Kayak warranty?????

Does it really matter to the purchasing public? I see all types from even on composite’s costing thousands. Range is from one year to life and even transferable to next owner for life. Any thoughts or experiences? I mean I see some kayaks costing thousands that have failed badly. May be we should keep brand names out of discussion if you have anything to share. Don’t want brand bashing event here or should we let the truth be told? Label as type of kayak material, cost and rec, touring, etc. Also how was warranty handled if made in a foreign country, shipping cost, local dealer did repair or was it totally replaced and did you get it shipped free. Was there a prorated cost after 2 years use like 20% or something. Thanks.

manufacturers support
I have had a couple of very minor issues with a couple of my boats and the companies involved were very quick to remedy the problem and in fact have gone beyond my expectations.

I don’t think it would be fair to the manufacturers involved to use their names, because each issue has to be judged on its own and I don’t want to spark an avalanche of claims against manufacturers who are struggling to stay alive.

Still not wanting to start something, I do know of instances where manufacturers have replaced damaged boats that were caused completely by the new owners. One factory rep told me that it happens about 10 times per year and for them it is just part of doing business. It probably earns them some very loyal customers and it should.

My guess is that you’re more likely to get exceptional service from the smaller non-conglomerate builders that are very protective and proud of their products.

what warranties cover

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Warranties cover defects in manufacturing.

I have seen warranties cover a few boats - almost all plastic from the larger manufacturers (not necessarily a sign that they make bad boats - could just be that they make the most boats).

I've seen many claim for warranty when boat was crashed into rocks or dropped off of a roof rack, was dented due to be strapped to roof rack too tight, etc. and these were not covered.

On the whole, very few kayaks have any sort of major problems such that I don't think warranties are that important to a purchase decision.

I have heard of some composite surf skis have major problems structurally.

When we bought our QCC’s …
before Wenonah bought them out, they were guaranteed for life, and they sure stood behind every single problem we had.

I don’t know if they are still that way with Wenonah being the new owner.

Jack L

Current Designs is still the same way and QCC

I just had a great experience
with Current Designs service. I just went to the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior in late May for a certification. While paddling there, the coaming on my '99 Caribou came loose. There happened to be a Current Designs representative there, and he offered to take it back to the shop with him. I Gorilla taped it down for the next couple of days, and then he loaded it on his pickup to take back to Current Designs. Just this past Sunday, I was teaching at a symposium on Jordan Lake near Raleigh for the weekend. Their driver was going to deliver it right to my home, but then arranged to meet me right where I’d be, there along the highway at Jordan Lake. Right on time as discussed, he pulled up with a pickup rack and trailer loaded with shiny Wenonah canoes and kayaks, and my old repaired Caribou. No charge. Not a penny. My kayak was loaded off of the lake in WI and taken back to MN. A couple weeks later, it was delivered back to me at Jordan Lake in NC. No demands made by me, no fussing, just fixed my kayak and delivered it to me.

Time to start saving for a Prana.

An alligator bit a hole in a WS
boat in Florida and they replaced it. Good PR for sure.

I will find out
How good the warranty is on my Swift kayak. The Kydex seat frame made a deep gouge in the kevlar hull.

I like to hear that