Kayak waterline

When sitting in my kayak, "One Ocean Cape Anne Storm" strip built 16' X 21.5" recommended for 200 lb paddler + gear,I weigh 215lb. The water line is aprox. 2 inches below the hull/deck join.

Is this to much boyency ? ie. should I load up something in the compartments to "sink" the boat to get a more stable platform?

As a beginner, I am starting to get comfortable in the boat, but it still feels twitchy.

Looking at pictures, it seams as if most of the boats I see sit lower in the water than mine.

Any thoughts ?

Thanks ALL, I continue to read and gain knowledge from many of the posts here.

It’s Fine…

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for a day tripping boat to have only 2" of "free board" (clearance from top of the gunwale/deck to the waterline) around the cockpit area. There many folks, me included, who prefer lower volume, day tripping boats with only 2-3" freebaard. They present less windage and weathercocking problems in windy conditions.

Given your size and the dimension of that boat, I am sure that boat fills tippy to you right now given that you're just starting. But, down the line, you feel more comfortable with it. Learning to brace and roll will dramatically improved your confidence. That boat should be a good boat to learn rolling with rather than a higher volume boat.


more or less
Are you asking if there should be less than 2 inches between the water and the deck?

water line

What I am trying to say is,

From the back deck to the hull/deck join is 2.5" and when I am siting in the kayak the water is two inches below that for a total of 4.5 inches from the lowest part of the kayak deck to the water.

The foward part of the hull is higher by 3" or so which gives me , toward the bow, around 8" of kayak for the wind to act on.

To me it seams as if there is to much of the kayak out of the water and the wind pushes me around quite a bit. Of course, being a beginner it could just be me and my tecnique paddeling that causes the eratic trip over the water.

Thank you for the responses.