Kayak wear from freezing

-- Last Updated: Jan-17-07 9:03 AM EST --

I know, just use it.

Does freezing weather in the neighborhood of 25F put much wear on a fiberglass kayak, do you think?

For me, the kayak would be on top of the car for up to 10 hrs at a time in sub freezing weather; in the parking lot at work, waiting for the pool session at night, or en route in the morning and evening to lake or bay.

Does it help much to cover it while it's in the parking lot? I'm gonna get a Sealine Seals cockpit cover to protect the cloth seat of the Tempest some.

I used to think we didn't get many freezing days. Now that I have a kayak, I find myself counting them more closely. It seems like it's been a few weeks in a row with at least half the day below freezing. I used to think I just wouldn't kayak when it's freezing. I'm starting to re-think that though. The coast will at least be above freezing, once I get there.

Paul S.

Freeze affact on Fiberglass
Our fiberglass yaks stay outside all year and it has had no affect on them they are in a building but no heat or cooling, so I dont see it would be any harm to your yak>

fiberglass is notable for not reacting to extremes of heat and cold -used in everything from hot tubs to aeromotive parts.

I had my pick of materials in 1995, and chose insulation filled fiberglass frames for all my windows. After 11 notable Michiganesque winters (and some hot hot summers) the windows have performed beautifully & the embedded white finish looks great.

Your kayak will be fine :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reassurance
It’s sitting on my car right now in the parking lot, temps hovering around 32F. Will be in the 20s by tonight when I go to the pool session, and icy when I spray it off, but then back in the garage. It felt good strapping it to the car this morning, and a bit of a booster everytime I see it in the parking lot. Thanks again for the warm fuzzies.

Paul S.