Kayak wedding invitations

My fiance and I are going to be married in our kayaks in July 2008. Has anyone ever seen kayak themed wedding invitations?

Sounds crazy but…

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what ever floats your boat.

and Good Luck.

where is the bride gonna geta white kayak?

what color are the bridesmaids boats gonna be?

Just don’t go over Niagra Falls together
’Cause it’d be a helluva way to start a honeymoon.

Sorry, can’t answer the invite question.

My wife handles all the planning and stationary stuff around here.

(I just follow orders.)


Make your own
They say that the sense of smell is most closely linked to emotions.

You could smear a little polyester resin inside every one. This would help limit the people who show up to those who really like boats.


What date in July ?
You might be getting married on “the bride” and I’s fiftieth anniversary.

I think you guys should use a tandem to really solidify your vows!



wedding date
Our wedding date is July 26th.

Maybe white bathingsuits, although it’s a second marriage for both of us so white isn’t necessary.

thanks for the good wishes!

liking the concept
Have friends holding their paddles up high forming an arch as you both make your way to the boats.

Don’t capsize when you lean over to kiss :wink:

Seriously, about wedding invites it can be subtle and formal - a printer could do a shadow design on the stationery you select - two kayaks on a water/wave design for example. For informal invites get one of those Crayola cutters and make your own!


no kayak-but we brought our own
artwork and Crane papers put all of our artwork on our invitations and other paper things…


Are we all invited?
Best wishes to you both! Keep us posted on the progress.

Are you?
the co-chair of a certain EAP committee in upstate NY? Seems I had this conversation at a meeting yesterday.

Great idea!
Photographer’s Edge sells blank cards that are made up for adding your own 4x6 photograph. I think they can also do custom printing for the inside. Just an idea…


I’m a famous kayaker…

…star of paddling videos and inventor of the

synchronized wet exit.

For expenses and a 6-pack of Guinness, I’ll perform at your wedding.

Perform what?

What would you…

…like me to do?

same here
I’m getting married in June. I raft guided for over a decade for the same company, so my old boss is donating all the equipment we need to hold a whitewater wedding. We’ll paddle down the river to the halfway point where a trail comes in (for those that aren’t up for the rafting) for the wedding, and then paddle out afterwards.

It would be a little hard to kiss the
bride doncha think?


Anyone notice that G.K., a guy who is pretty extreme in his love for kayaking, thinks this is wacky. Maybe it’s the getting married that he thinks is out there, heh heh.

Make your own design and have it professionally printed. Any local print shop should be able to handle it – I would do these locally so you can make sure it’s done right.

Hope the sun shines on you…


Delmarva 2007 Wedding
Maybe send out a new Valley Anas Acuta with each invitation…I will send you my shipping address.

But - in the meantime - here is a link to Delmarva Paddler’s Retreat Photo Gallery that has a section on the kayak wedding with video footage too!

Enjoy - S


That was good…real good

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When I got married our circle of friends went well beyond our sporting activities. I seriously doubt if my grandparents who I loved and adored would have enjoyed a wedding underwater or free falling from 15,000 feet or at a drag strip.

Then again my ideal of a romantic wedding ceremony may be old fashioned and too traditional.

Carrying and putting a wedding ring on the bride might take a little practice and the PFDs will really look sexy...but hey...it's not my wedding.

and it is going to put the cute little flower girl out of a job.