kayak weight advice

Looking to buy a kayak and have a question on weight capacity. The model that I am looking at says it has a max weight of 350lbs. I am 6'2 and 265lbs, I know it will hold me but is it just barley going hold me or do I need to find a bigger kayak. Any advice would be much appreciated. THANKS.

Most kayaks behave and perform better loaded than empty.

When it super duper floats, they are twitchy & flippy.

Loading a kayak , sets it down in the water, forcing

the hull to actually “grab” some water and perform.

For a 6.2 person inseam and foot size might become an issue.

Clarify which model has your eye, someone will provide the required information

Test drive the thing before you buy.
It’s really best to try several boats before you plunk money down. Don’t believe the marketing specs, test how it performs with you in it.

was looking at the Ascend FS12T sit on top angler kayak.

It Will Hold You
And still have 85 lbs to spare. That’s PLENTY of floatation.

try this

12’ boat I presume? With your weight
I suspect it will be sluggish at best. Paddle first.

I always compare it to standing on a log in the water…if it’s too small it’s going to sink a little and then try to squirt out fron underneath you.

Some Thoughts
First, you really need to sit in it. It may be a little tight and you need to be able to move around a little. Especially if you plan to fish.

I tried to look at the hull shape in the pictures. Many hulls flare out at the sides above the water line. This gives it some secondary stability. If you load a boat like this to the point that the flared portion is under water you will lose some secondary stability. While primary stability is important for comfort, secondary stability can keep you dry.

Most kayaks of this type have holes so water can drain out. The lower boat sits, the higher the water line. The higher the water line, the more water comes in the holes. Of course you can get plugs for them but expect them to still let some water in.

Another option may be the line of Native Watercraft Ultimate boats. I own a 12 and love it. Super stable, dry, you can move around and you can get the 14 which will keep you drier.

I just bought that kayak today. I’m 6’4" and 280. It fits great. Very comfy and steady. I tried an Ocean Kayak Scrambler xt and it was a bit tight in the butt and sat low enough the letters were in the water. It was below initial stability and was a lot tippier. Still had secondary, but wouldn’t be a relaxing ride or for fishing. The ascend paddles easy and coasts well.

I actually bought the A12, for $379, a hundred less. at bp. That way I got a better seat and I’ll put in rod holders to suit me.

I went paddlin today, the only complaint is that 56lb is not anywhere as easy to put on the roof as I thought! Yikes!