Kayak Winter Storage Question

Is it okay to store a kayak on the garage floor instead of mounting it to a wall?

I received an email from an outfitter with this tip:

“If you own a garage you can easily get the boat off the floor and out of the way by hanging it on a wall or from the ceiling.”

Is this merely a shortage of space issue and they’re trying to sell me something? Or can storing a kayak on the floor actually damage my kayak?

I’m kinda new to the sport … if you can’t tell.

Plastic of glass?
Suppose it is possible that a plastic could deform over time, depending on how the boat sits. But I’ve heard that more when the boat heats up in the sun.

Most plastic kayaks can be left flat on the floor without damage to the hull. Some people keep some foam under them for support. Hanging from the ceiling in slings or on a rack does tend to get them out of the way and frees up storage space so it’s not a bad idea.

You should try some paddling during the cooler months. It’s great to paddle year round in warmer areas and with proper clothing you can extend the paddling season. I have a sit on top for Summer, the rest are used year round.

I do kayak in colder months
I went last year when there was ice on the lake. I do not own a wet suit but I have a kayak skirt for paddle drips and a nice Marmot jacket.

My kayak is plastic in case anyone is wondering.

hang it
I have mine on the wall, simply to get them out of the way, but I also have plenty of wall space. A couple of $5 hangers from Home Depot and an old cargo strap. Here are some pics.



We have 12 kayaks stored in one of
our garages.

Three on a triple sling on the wall. Two on their sides on a shelf, and the rest stored on the sides on the floor.

They do sit on old carpet and we’ve never had any deformation. They’re stored in the garage all year.

I use my j racks in the winter
If you go to the local Lowes and get a floor mount and threaded pipe in the plumbing department, you can use your roof racks for winter storage. I put the threaded pipe into a stud and then attach my roof rack to it. It keeps the rack off my car and as a bonus it stores my kayak on its side. I put the pipe as close to the 2 bulkheads as possible given the wall stud placement. I put all my gear in the yak and put the cover over the cockpit. Every thing is together safe and sound for next spring.

Dress for the water temp …
… just a thought that, seeing that you mentioned paddling in ice and wearing a jacket only.

I’ve always heard plastic boats can be stored flat, or on their sides with the weight supported towards the center or at the bulkheads. Boats can deform over time if support is at the ends, leaving the heavy middle section unsupported.

plastic and deformation
I’ve seen plastic boats deform when stored flat on the floor, if they don’t have a flat bottom to begin with. Also, i’ve seen plastic boats stored on 2x4s, hull-down, that were permanently deformed from that treatment. I think some of the newer plastics are better for this, but to be safe, I’d always store a plastic boat on it’s side, or hang it in slings supporting near the bulkheads.

With glass it really doesn’t matter, IMO.

i store mine
in liveing room because im so afraid some one will steal it its on very padded carpet so i guess ita good for siting there but i hope i can still go out in winter i dont want to go to long with out it being in water

"I’m kinda new to the sport …"
1. If it’s plastic, hang your kayak like they said. It’s strongest on its side, and will fair best if the straps go under the bulkheads. Leaving it on the floor can lead to damage, especially if it’s hot.

2. Since you’re newish I’ll take the liberty to chastise you. You really should be dressing warmer. The rule of thumb is dress for the swim, not the air. To see if you’re dressed warm enough, swim in the water you’re paddling in. If that proposal sounds outlandish, you’re not dressing warm enough. Typical wear includes wetsuits or drysuits. Hypothermia is the #1 killer in kayaking and canoeing accidents. Pick up a copy of Sea Kayaker magazines “Deep Troubles” to see all the rest http://www.amazon.com/Sea-Kayakers-Deep-Trouble-Magazine/dp/0070084998.