kayak with a canoe paddle


for some inuit tribes was to single blade when they hunting seals.

I’ve done it in a couple kayaks.


a site devoted to that

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Click on the gallery image. Different outfitting, as you kneel. It's for those who don't want to be navels ;-).
There's a different image each time you open the site, but the gist is the same.
This guys pretty good....

Not the same if you’re kneeling.
At least, not im my mind.

boats start the same

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then get converted. Not as revolutionary a topic as intended, perhaps.

…ditto daggermat’s info…
Commit to one blade…and you’ll never look back!..:wink:

cboats.net is great…

I can’t do full time kneeling.

I keep wondering about this “tradition

I am older than dirt, and my father and grandfather paddled canoes with canoe paddles, and during my entire liftime it has been tradition to paddle a kayak with a double blade.

Stop in at the museum in Juneau,Ak and it shows all the little eskimo kayaks down through the ages with double bladed kayak paddles.



that’s why I pole as well
as play. Dedicated to the single blade, but the knees get so happy when I decide to stand every now and again.


single blade paddle
A semantic review is needed again. The single blade paddle is just that, a paddle with one blade. It has been used with canoes (commonly) and used with kayaks (presently, much less common). The paddle doesn’t change with either use. It is no more a canoe paddle than it is a kayak paddle; it is a paddle with one blade.

JackL- Borrow a copy of “The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America” published in 1964 by Smithsonian Press and reprinted numerous times. Any library should have it and can get it through inter library loan if they don’t. On page 198 there is a line drawing of the Nunivak Island Kayak from 1889 (in the National Museum) showing a single blade paddle. A second line drawing shows the Norton Sound Kayak, 1889, also with a single blade paddle. Page 200 has a 1936 photo showing a paddler using a single blade paddle in a kayak from Cape Prince of Wales. The text with each states “A single blade paddle is used”.

Qayak Kayaks of Alaska and Siberia, by David Zimmerely has many historical photos of kayaks being used with single blade paddles, as well as many with double blade paddles. The book also shows “hand paddles” . Those are two short paddles used one in each hand. Also shown is a “North Alaska Nunamiut inland” paddle, in U. of Penn. collection, that looks much like a present “euro” paddle. There are many other sources of similar information but those two are sufficient to point out the historical use of single blade paddles with kayaks.


semantics or concepts?
A kayak is a canoe, but a canoe is not a kayak,

like a canoe is a boat, but a boat is not a canoe.

The only thing to (arbitrarily) determine is

when do you call a boat a canoe, and

when do you call a canoe a kayak?

Personally I would call a canoe a kayak when it is essentialy decked and meant to be paddled with a double bladed paddle. But I realize there can be exceptions to that too…

apparently my sarcasm is a lil too subtle!


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Let's see...Inuits did it, gen X'ers do it. Perhaps your intended sarcasm was based on a lack of knowlege?
I think we all realize there's a lot of threads reversing the vessel and means to propel it, but thanks for your wit anyway.

u missed the point altogether, i was in full agrement with your post…my original post was only in response to the kayak paddle in a canoe thread…

guess it was REALLY subtle!!

No, I got your sarcasm, but
people really do paddle kayaks with single blades, so I followed up with real examples, rather than adding to the sarcasm.

As soon as I saw your subject line, I suspected that you had your tongue planted firmly in your cheek.

really Darkstar

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read my prior post again. "reversing the vessel and the means to propel it." Yeah we got it, you're a real comedic wit.
Look, we already got Pamlico....

sorry, it was just a joke.lol,too much!!

On the serious side

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I met a semi-retired guy last year paddling a nice sea kayak with a Zaveral Bent shaft while inspecting bridges for the State. He said he just ended up using the single blade because of the really light weight.
Different strokes :-)

interesting is that in this thread

it is suggested that a canoe becomes a kayak when the seat is placed on the floor instead of hanging from the gunwales…