Kayak with a skeg and rudder

Here is a good one…

I love my cape horn 15…I like the rudder…but wish it had a skeg too. I was wondering if there are kayaks that come with both?

some foreign boat,
composite, forget the name,doesn’t make sense to me.

has a few models with options for both


Point 65°N from Sweden offer this by default. Look at http://www.point65.com/Default.asp. The K1XP was reviewed by the Sea Kayaker Magazine.

does it make sense to you? seems like a lot of effort to go through to make a kayak track more, why not just make a stiff tracking kayak then add a rudder?

one or other
both is overkill.

it is a simple as adding a hole in the stern for the rudder post and gas pedal footpegs.


Belt and suspenders

I don’t want to start the old debate over which is better, but I can’t see why you’d want both.

Let’s say you have a strong quartering wind from the stern - the skeg or rudder will help keep you on track. With skeg down and rudder up, you still have that surface on the back deck of the boat for the wind to grab (the rudder). With the rudder down and skeg up, you have less gear storage in the rear hatch. Hmm…

Valley Aquanaut RM
It comes with a skeg, but has a hole for a rudder.

The rudder is mainly for steering. Once you are on course, the rudder, in its neutral position, should keep you on course. If it doesn’t, due to wind or current, which means the rudder is under power. I am thinking of attaching a piece perpendicular to the rudder (the piece goes under the boat) so that the rudder has more surface area, thus more power.

Point 65oN has the neat idea. But having both rudder and skeg deployed at the same time, the rudder will have to work hard to make the turn. I suppose you can coordinate them so that they don’t work against each other.

Built my demo 19 boat w/ both …
but soon took out the blade and filled in the slot.

Track more?
I have ruddered and skegged boats - and use neither device to make them “track more” (well, maybe the Pintail! L)

… you wouldn’t use both at the same time - you’d just have to option to use whichever suited present need better. Open crossing vs surf zone, touring vs. racing, etc.

Overkill = options

Kajaksport Viking
comes with a skeg and is all set up to add a rudder if you so desire. I haven’t had a reason to desire the rudder. I believe the KS Artisan Millenium and Viviane also provide this option.

what do you use the rudder for?

Capella RM come with skegs from the facory but have the mounts for a rudder. just a matter of buying a rudder and installing the system. I don’t get why would someone want both, either one is more than enough hassle as is.

Kayak Sport Viviane
I have A Kayak Sport Viviane with both a skeg and rudder. The rudder is easy to take off and on. I use the rudder when I am using my down wind Spirit Sail.

For the most part, it’d be down to adding a rudder to a skegged boat, assuming you are talking a retractable skeg. The other way around is probably not possible without getting into more specialized boats than are apt for someone just starting out.

Kayak Sport has a detachable rudder system which may or may not install/work as well on a non-KS boat. You’d probably have to make some phone calls to find out. For a KS boat, you are definately talking about a full length sea kayak. They don’t tend to make short boats - and I am guessing that length was one of your considerations in getting your present boat.

But more seriously than any of the above - you are just starting out kayaking. That suggests that you really haven’t had time in the saddle to get comfortable and adept with basic control strokes and leaning the boat to get around. In your situation, learning to manuver your present boat with as little use of any tracking device as possible would be far more profitable than looking for boats with even more of the same.

Most people who start out kayaking and spend time on bigger water find out that the boat they started with isn’t what they want for the longer haul. You should figure on learning all you can from this boat before making any hard decisions about what comes next.

big picture
you got it. Sounds like he’s discovering how to use the paddle.