Kayak with dog? Ship Swifts to Alaska?

I’m looking for a new or used Swift Adirondak 13.6 (or similar boat that will accommodate a medium-sized dog) that can be shipped to roadless northwest Alaska. Are there any dealers out there who ship beyond the lower 48? I appreciate all suggestions for boats and dealers - only three months until everything freezes over again! Thanks! (If ordering a new Adirondak I’d prefer the kevlar or hybrid fusion in champagne/champagne)

You mean this one I guess (link)

Unless your dog is pretty cooperative, I’m still not sure it will be comfy in that cockpit. The Adirondack should be an easy paddling boat, but unless you will be covering big miles, a larger, steadier, and more commodious kayak might be good. (Or a canoe.)

Suggestions, others?

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one more time, because many who frequent this board know more about such boats than they are saying.

I don’t think there’s an issue with whether the dog fits - the website has video of 6’4" Bill Swift and his dog in an Adirondack 12, and the 13.6 has the same size cockpit. The real question is whether anyone will ship a boat to roadless northwest Alaska. Have you contacted Swift directly? That would be where I would start.

I just purchased a kevlar fusion Saranac Classic at Mountainman in Old Forge, NY, - awesome boat, awesome people. Probably won’t ship to Alaska, though.