Kayak Yoke for Pungo 120?

I have a Pungo 120 thats a few years old. I’m looking for suggestions on a yoke that would fit the wide cockpit.


a piece of hard wood a couple of inches wide x 1" thick and long enough to place on top of the cockpit with about a four or five inch overhang on each side.

Bolt a couple of blocks of wodd to this cross piece in the center, but with your shoulders width between them.

Add some padding on the top of the blocks.

To use: place the kayak on the ground right side up and place the yoke across the cockpit. Take one cam-lock buckle type strap and loop it around the end of one side of the yoke, and then go under the hull and up to and around the other end.

Tighten it up and you have the per fect portage yoke.

The blocks are just to get the yoke up high enough so your head won’t be up in the cockpit when you are carrying it.

If you want a couple of pictures just e-mail me.



Thanks, I was hoping for a commercial yoke, since I have no tools and no skills!

Maybe Old Town kayak yoke?
https://crab.secure-host.com/extrasport/oldtowncanoe/catalog.php?fr_sw=0&section_id=5 scroll most of the way down the page. It’s a little expensive at $85.95 and I’ve never used one, so I don’t know how well they work or if they’d work on a Pungo.

Good luck.

Please advise us if you find one that you like.

I thought about that one. Not sure it will fit the wide cockpit of my Pungo. Ill have to do some measuring.

Chosen Valley Canoe Accessories
Chosen Valley will make you a custom kayak yoke, including their sling type pads. Pure portage pleasure.