I have this new kayak paddle and it is a 2 pc. and it has 3 settings. I had kayak paddle before and it was a 1 pc. but can’t remember if it was turn in a certain direction. My thinking on it is that 1 fin in the water and the other is out but turned, but when I go to put that fin was turning into the position to enter the water. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

sounds about right
One of the most common standard feathers on that type of paddle still seems to be 60 degrees, or I’ve seen 45 degrees recently. So you will often have a notch for neutral, one for left-hand feather, and one for right-hand feather. Put one blade on the ground with the power face facing you. Look at the top blade. If it’s angled with the power face facing to the right, that’s right-hand feather. If it’s angled with the power face facing left, that’s left-hand feather. People are all over the place with their feather preferences. I use right hand 60 degrees, and seem to do pretty well with it. Greenland paddles are unfeathered, and other paddles are regularly used anywhere from unfeathered to 90 degrees. You probably just have to choose between feathered or unfeathered, with the feather angle already pre-determined. It doesn’t sound like you have a fiddlestick - one without predetermined feather angle that you can continually fiddle with until you convince yourself of something you think you’re feeling. Nothing wrong with fiddlesticks. A great idea. But a good comfortable paddle that’s always exactly the same won’t hold you back either.

paddle feather
The feathered angle of a kayak paddle is primarily used for cutting through wind. In most conditions this is unnessesary. Some people will say that the feather angle helps with mechanics and a bunch if other stuff. I have a fiddlestick as it was described. The advantage is that I can paddle with my preferred very, very slight angle under normal conditions, and if it gets real bad I can turn it farther. I only use the angle because I have noticed it aligns the power face of my paddle better with less movement on my part.

Overall, arguing feather vs un feathered is like arguing about a debt ceiling.

Ryan L.

Yes, as said above, how one blade varies from another is called the feather angle.

There is an article in California Kayaker Magazine’s most recent issue that talks a bit about paddle feather. It can be read online (for free) at http://content.yudu.com/Library/A1sh59/CaliforniaKayakerMag/resources/8.htm

use what works for you
Try each of the 3 positions and determine what is best for you. Regardless of which, involve torso rotation instead of just arms to paddle. Keep symmetrical with regard to each side. I am right handed, so I tend to push and pull more with it causing less than straight course.