I want to purchace a smaller kayak, not too wide, for paddling in Puget Sound. I’m not sure what brand or where to begin looking. This is for recreational use. I’m a smaller person & don’t want a large Kayak, something that can be stored on a 28’ boat. Thank you for any suggestions.

Connie, do you plan to paddle only in
the best, flattest conditions? Then you can look at “recreational” kayaks like the Necky Manitous. But if I were selecting a kayak for Puget Sound, I would consider a touring kayak (sort of a shorter day-tripping sea kayak) like my Necky Looksha Sport, which weighs about 60 pounds, came with a rudder, etc. My reason is that a touring kayak can be used in somewhat rougher conditions, not stormy, but giving you more freedom.

There must be a wealth of good sea kayaking courses in your area, often associated with boat shops that offer a selection of kayaks.

Agree with above
Find out about kayaking in Puget Sound before you purchase a kayak - check in with outfitters and get their advice. There are plenty around. It is not simple paddling.

agree with above
You don’t report on your experience with kayaking and that is, indeed, major water (cold and tidal). I would suggest contacting Kayak Academy in Issaquah, WA, for classes and for excellent advice on equipment, safety and technique.