Kayaker Cold Storage

What are the paddlers of the world, let me refrase that to paddlers of the warm world using for cold storage and how to maintain safe cool temps for parishables and frosty cold beers.

I use small nylon coolers measuring approx 6" x 10" x 6" inches for both food and beverage, filling the canned refreshment cooler with water and freezing into a block overnight.

Only covers a one night stay here in the sub tropics though before you need to go to dry foods and warm refreshments.

How long will dry ice hold up in 70-80 degree temps, sunshine and boiuler room temps in the holds.


Good, and better ways to have a cold one
Good: Big cooler in the car (I don’t drink and paddle).

Better: A nice pint (Imperial, please) of Guinness - in a nice air conditioned pub. Preferably in walking distance from home so I can have another…

Day paddles, I can wait.

BTW - Anyone that camps in S FL Summer heat (and bugs) is insane.

Why thank you, Reverend…
But that’s no help at all. I have a small 6 pak cooler that I put inside a larger cooler and surround it with dry ice…The only problem is the darn 6 pak is usually consumed in the car on the drive to the put in! Try switching to likker and think cool thoughts.

Freeze the beers
and just keep them in a soft cooler.

It works pretty well for a weekend in the warm South Florida (as Brian remembers).

So lets get this right
Drink and drive but not drink and paddle ?


Insane Friend
An insane friend and farely new paddler camped at LuLu key a couple weeks ago. Insanity at its finest


Frozn Xtreme soft sided cooler

Keeps food etc COLD. Soft sided no noise banging sliding around etc. Should have bought one years ago.

Subject line is spelled correctly.

Yes, I’ll drive after one or two (spaced) - but don’t drink regularly anymore so it’s not much of an issue - and have a ton of places I can walk to should I get the urge.

Drinking is just not part of my paddling (neither is ice cream), but it’s not a moral issue at all.

I find it aggravates circulation and nerve related pain in legs and back L.

Actually, I paddle as much for fitness as relaxation, and for me mixing alcohol and workouts just feels bad. Alcohol really screws with hydration and fat metabolism. Both are important on long paddles. If you only lily dip a few miles - you can probably get away with whatever.

Ouch that was cruel : )


Drink and paddle
I don’t drink and paddle either, it’s damn difficult to hold a beer and keep paddling at the same time.

This is the correct procedure:

  1. Stop paddling
  2. Put the paddle away
  3. Reach the day hatch and grab a beer
  4. Open the beer
  5. Empty the content
  6. Resume paddling


Switch to Scotch
I usually plan on drinking all of my beer within the first day or so on a multi day trip…from there on its John Barr (the best Scotch $10 will get you)

Your No Reverend
Your no Reverend to some but your a Reverend in my mind, we would typically be juggling a beer, Cabernet, Scotch (chevas) and Espressos while twirling a fine cigar of cuban origan.

Keep enjoying


When I float the Green/Colorado, etc…
I have a soft-sided cooler that will just fit in the kayak back hatch. It has a thin plastic inner-liner. Pour in ~ 3/4 gallon of water and freeze before the trip. Freeze as many of the perisibles as will work. This gives me an option like ham/eggs/bbqchicken/etc for about 3 days at up to 100 degrees. The cooler is never in the sun and usually in the hull next to the cooler river water. As the ice melts, it serves as a supplement to my drinking water supply as the river is typically too muddy to drink.

Single malt or ‘tis no’ Scotch laddie!
12 or 18 (if you’re buying!)

Beats Me
Whatever that hooch is that Mario an dhis brother in law bring along on each trip.

Chivas, something.


you would think igloo and WS
would get together and build a sot with an integrated cooler under your legs,yes I’ve written and suggested this to them. it would provide storage when not being used as a cooler and provide additional floatation.

I can’t believe nobody else does this…
If you are not carrying a cooler, a great way to impress your paddling partners on the 4th day of a trip is to pour a cold one using this technique.

Required equipment:

1 insulated cover for a quart Nalgene bottle

1 instant cold pack

1 can Guinness draft

1 pint lexan mug, clean and dry

Activate cold pack. Roll pack into tube and insert into bottle cover. Insert beer can. Wait 5 or 10 minutes (depending upon your preference). Pour and consume.

Note: This technique is designed for quality brews. Please do not attempt it with Bud Light.