"Kayaker" Fall in L. Michigan at Lelanaw

Heard some “kayakers” fell in L. Michigan at the Leelenaw Peninsula. Winds were around 40 mph, but they were saved by their cellphone???

Were these two “kayakers,” or were they just dummies (like we all have been/and may soon be, again)?

None of us like to put on drysuits when water is cold and air is warm, especially on inland lakes. I’ve been guilty of this on small, inland lakes. I paddle in the shallows close to shore with a drybag as backup.

I’d never, however, risk Lake Michigan in big wind so early in the season WITHOUT a drysuit…


Do you have a link to the article?

Article Traverse City Record Eagle
Kayakers rescued on Lake Leelanau


SUTTONS BAY — Two men were treated for hypothermia after their kayaks overturned on Lake Leelanau.

The men — brothers, ages 31 and 34 from Traverse City — called police on a mobile phone at 2:49 p.m. Friday and were rescued about 50 minutes later, according to the Leelanau County Sheriff’s Department.

The men kayaked on the Cedar River into Lake Leelanau when one of them overturned in strong westerly winds, police said. The other man overturned as he was trying to help his brother, police said.

Members of the Grand Traverse Dive team launched two boats from Perrins Landing boat launch and brought the men to shore, police said. They were taken to Munson Medical Center for treatment.

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Bottom-in-boat people
not kayakers.

Kayakers are prudent mariners, captains of a ship and take steps to learn the craft of seamanship (or rivercraft) remediate risk, responsible water travel etc.

bottom-in-boat people just stick their bottoms in the boats and are sure that kayaking is real easy: who needs lessons (or to read books or to practice skills). They frequently require rescuing by more prudent and skilled mariners not in their original party.