kayaker swims with killer whale

Everyone is fawning over the moment. Seems like a pretty foolish move to me.


Orcas in New Zealand
I don’t know how much danger the swimmer was in. I certainly wouldn’t do it. That being said it was a very young orca and not likely to attack something similar in size that is not food.

Several years ago I got to go surfing in Taranaki region of NZ with a friend who is a local and a Maori whose family have lived in the area for hundreds of years. When we were off a mouth of a small river that fed into the water, it felt very very sharky to me. I asked him if they ever had large sharks there. Nah … afraid of the Orcas. Do the Orcas bother people … Nah …

The swimmer
This guy must need a wheelbarrow to carry them around.

a thimble to carry his brains

When I first watched…

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When I first watched the video; my first thought was,
"Where's momma, and how would she have reacted to the scenario"?

Second thought; the camera is turned on & pointed at someone...........common sense goes out the window!

If the stunt had gone wrong; who would have paid for his rescue, or his body recovery.......if there was any body left.
If he was just injured; who would have paid his hospital bill?
I don't think any of those things were even given a thought.
He just went for it.........spur of the moment.

Not much of an issue for me personally..........

Wanna try that with a Great White?
Go for it!
Wanna make friends with Grizzly Bears?
Go for it!
Wanna try Everest solo, without oxygen?
Go for it!

Don't forget your Go Pro dude!


Universal no fault scheme
New Zealand has a scheme to cover all accidents which is why there are a lot of adventure activities and it eliminates the ambulance chasing lawyers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accident_Compensation_Corporation

Why not?
Meh. Stupid? Possibly. Most epic things toe the line between bravery and foolishness. I’m glad there are people out there pushing boundaries. Some will get ridiculed or hurt or killed along the way. But that’s what discovery is about, sometimes. So long as it wasn’t endangering anyone else.

I think it’s pretty cool and if you were relatively sure you wouldn’t get hurt along the way, who wouldn’t have done it?

That guy will have a memory
few of us will ever have. Good for him.

Makes me think of…
…Timothy Treadwell.