Kayakers safely deal with disaster

As appearing in other places, here is the link to a true story of kaykers avoidng disaster during the recent catastrophe.


Amazing story
I’m still trying to imagine the feeling of knowing what is about to happen, and dealing with the swell as it rushed to shore time after time. Of course, not as terrifying as the thousands who were actually caught inthe waves.


Fascinating story
Thanks for sharing this story. It points out once again that there is no substitute for knowledge. This forum is a wonderful thing. On the news two days ago a reporter interviewed survivors who said that the tide receded so fast in one area that fish were left flopping on the sand. Children ran out some 300 yards beyond normal low tide to get the fish. No one present understood what this sudden recession of water meant.

A little knowledge and a kayak saved the day for these people.



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there supposedly are other stories like this but I’ve yet to hunt one down. I’ll post then if I do.

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I figured where it was vacation time there that there had to be some kayakers in the water and wondered how they feared.

The fact that he new enough to head out to sea is what saved their lives.

It would be interesting to know if the wave(s) a half mile or so out to see were just huge swells that you could ride over or something like a monstrous white cap which would wipe you right out.

If anyone hears any other stories or can shed some light, I would be very interested in learning more.

Thanks for sharing.



More like a huge swell at least there
From this account and others, it a appears it was more like a huge swell, at least in this area. Variables are depth of water, frequency and wavelength of the energy pulse fromthe earthquake. Scientists are saying the bottom of the ocean rose up 30 meters along an area 600 k. They say the the earth became more compact in general, and that the spin of the earth increased enough to be a fraction of a second quicker, making this one of the most powerful events ever. No wonder what happened did.

Godd info
The waves were apparently just swells about a meter high. Heres a link to the “How Stuff Works” website which has an in-depth explanation and graphics that explain tsunamis well.



Another kayak related tsunami story

Another kayak story related to the tsunami disaster.