Kayaking Accessories

Like I have mentioned in another help question, I am very new to kayaking. I have boughten a Hertitage Feather Lite 9 footer (I think) and a day tripper paddle. In my area there are tons and tons of lakes and ponds to adventure. Are there any must have accessories or BASICS that any kayaker should have? I know no one who really kayaks and I have taken a serious liking to the sport so any help is greatly appreciated!

…is a must have.

Here’s some basics
- A PFD & use it

  • A way to re-enter your boat if you capsize
  • dress for the water temperature & sun protection
  • Not familiar with your boat, but, if it doesn’t have bulkheads, then floatation bags
  • water, & if you’re going for a few hours, some fuel like a PBJ on whole wheat (remember you are the engine)
  • A paddling partner if you are going far from shore or paddling in challenging conditions
  • water shoes in case you have to get out to protect your feet
  • And most of all, common sense


Supplimental floatation
Pricey float bags, beach balls, pool noodles, soda bottles in a mesh bag…As long as it’s secured in the boat, every gallon/litre of air able to be kept in the boat is a gallon/litre that you don’t have to bail/pump/dump out, and will greatly add to the stability in a reentry.


Add to list:

Signaling device - whistle

Bailing device - pump/spong/bailer

In Canada add - throwbag 50’

Place your name/address/contact name phone # in your PFD so the can ID your body when your leave your common sense ashore.