kayaking and camoing in new york?

hey there i am going to be in the Binghamton area on July1 on a job and wanted to make an extended weekend of kayaking and camping (primitive if possible). i do not mind traveling a bit further. does anyone know of an area where i can do both say within 100 miles of there?

The West Branch of the Upper Delaware is
running pretty good right now. Right in your Ballpark. It’s easy class I+ that you can run in just about anything. Access points about every 5 miles.

Isn’t Binghamton on the upper

Yup, the Susquehanna
runs thru Binghamton but the Upper Delaware is just a short drive E

A number of the Finger lakes aren’t too far to NW & w/ a 150m drive you can reach some great paddling & primitive camping in Southern Adks

yes it is. i was thinking of a trip on the chenago river

southern adirondacks sounds beautiful.
where can i find more info on where to go? im gonna make this a 2-3 day trip

Hit the Adirondacks
Head to Old Forge and pick up one of the canoe trail maps.

There are so many neat lakes pond and rivers to paddle you will have a hard time deciding.

Jack L

On July 1?
Have fun in the zoo of Old Forge… if you go head straight through First Second and Third Lake. Alger Island is a state campground that is apt to be full on 4th lake.

Nicks Lake is full… I would go with riverside camping on the Delaware. That is the wrong weekend for the Southern Adirondacks…and its not that close to Binghamton… Even Stillwater Reservoir(primitive camping) is a four hour drive each way.

Chenango info.
I’m a big fan of the Adirondacks myself, and if you truly want the more “pristine”-like wilderness paddling and camping experience, go there…But if you want less driving from Binghamton, then stick with the Chenango or Sangerfield rivers.

The Chenango is mainly low flow, with beautiful scenery that is a mix of woodland sections and open farm land. It does go by the occasional road, but traffic is light. River access is easily available, look at every town between Earlville and North Norwich. Campgrounds are available in Chenango Forks and Sherburne. Watch out for strainers, if the river happens to be at flood while your visiting.

The Sangerfield runs from NY 12 into the Chenango. The most popular paddling section is the Nine Mile Swamp(self exclamatory). It is home to a great variety of plant and wildlife. A good launch is from the Wickwire Road in Hubbardsville, ample parking. The river itself is only about 20 feet wide, with very limited signs of civilisation. One can usually go upstream/down with relative ease.

Happy water trailz!

not much time to plan…
…such a trip but there is the Whitney point Multiple Use area just up Rt .81 north to consider. real remoteness isn’t generally available to till you hit the ADK’s. whitney point link …


Being july 4th time period…getting a state park campsite would probably be impossible at this point, but u can try Reserve America anyways.

FYI…it’s approx 73 miles from binghamton to Syracuse and 1.5 hrs drive …almost 2.5 hrs to albany,ny @ 140 mi…All highway @ 70 mph. times approx.

One option is too go south into Penn. See if U can find wilderness camping there.

Not wilderness but more remote
Dear emeralddragon,

From Binghamton you are also with 1 1/2 hours drive of Pine Creek in PA. There at least you can avail yourself of fully legal primitive camping. On the 4th of July you will not be alone but you will at least be allowed to camp.


On the Chenango, Susquehanna, East Branch, West Branch, or Main Stem of the Delaware just about anywhere you will pull over at night to camp is privately owned.

You might be able to get away with minimal impact camping, and you also might get rousted or hassled so keep that in mind.


Tim Murphy AKA Goobs

Pine is nice but…
At it’s current level you would be in for a scrapefest !! You need at very least 1.9 ft on the USGS gauge at Cedar Run for a reasonable run. But if we get some timely rains this week you might be in luck as most people have likely made other 4th of July plans !! Wherever you go have fun !!

My mistake
Dear poleswithsoul,

I’ll admit that I didn’t really consider the stream level when I recommended Pine Creek. I was more concerned with making sure the OP didn’t try to spend the night somewhere he wouldn’t be welcomed.

I’ll admit to not even being a novice paddler, but I am very experienced with fishing along just about all the rivers and streams in the Twin Tiers of PA/NY east of Corning, NY.

My suggestion was meant to keep the OP out of potential trouble and nothing more. I apologize for not being more clear with my reason for posting.

NCPA is supposed to have showers and storms this week which may lead to better paddling water, and it may lead to flash floods given how things have panned out thus far this year. Time will tell.