Kayaking and Tubing from Riegelsville, NJ boat ramp south

Hi, Some of us will kayak & some tube putting in at Riegelsville, NJ.
Any idea about how long of a trip for the tubers it would be if they take out at Tinnicum or Kingswood? The boaters can kayak back & forth but the tubers won’t have that luxury. Any idea of a 4 hour trip for them from Riegelsville?

I used to live near the Delaware River in Bucks County and did a lot of canoeing. I have not been back for many years but I know there are several private companies that run tubing ferry businesses in that area. I would look into their reviews and trip info.

Personally I am not a fan of tubing. I certainly did it as a teenager on very narrow creeks and rivers and took stupid chances and lived to tell about it. On the Huron river in Michigan and the Deleware I encountered masses of inebriated or ill -prepared and poor or non swimmers making a hazard for other users of the river.

A few years ago a family friend was tubing on a local river in idaho, wearing a PFD, he was a decorated vietnam combat veteran and farmer and still in good health. He slipped under the tube and got hung up on a snag/underwater strainer which I believe was a piece of rebar and cement someone had thrown off a bridge and he drowned while his family splashed and drifted on. My advice would be rent kayaks or canoes for everyone and go with a group with a trained and experienced leader who knows the river and rescue methods.

Tubing on the Delaware up there is nice and laid back. I have done it a few times. The river is wide, rather shallow, and there are few snags or even rapids. It is definitely doable on a kayak.