Kayaking Big Island, Oahu, Hawaii

Any suggestions on where the best kayaking is on either of those islands? Also outfitters? July & August

If you have an asbestos boat, and
a Kokatat “Cool” suit, there are some hot creek rides with fast red wave surfing.

Skill Level? Time of year?

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A lot depends on how much ocean paddling you have done and the time of year you are there. Winter on the north side of the islands is pretty dicey. Summer on the south side you can get large south swells but probably less of a safety issue. On O'ahu check out Go Bananas for advice where to paddle and rentals.


Big island coastline is pretty rugged, best to get local knowledge, you can rent near Hilo Bay. (Pat may see this and post up some advice.) Lots of resorts have rentals. You can rent kayaks from locals at Kealakekua Bay and paddle over near the Captain Cook monument. This was a nice little side trip, you can lots of fish in the reef, get out and snorkel .I did some surfing in the huge sit on top they loaned me - make sure you not violating any rules or insulting locals.

In Kailua-Kona you can rent right on the beach on the bay near the curve of Paliani street and Alii street (hope the spelling is close.)

On Oahu
Try Twogood kayaks. They were the only outfitter that would rent me a surf ski. Twogood is in Kailua.

Near Kailua Beach is a kayak rental shop that will rent sit on top recreational kayaks and launching from Kailua Beach.

Agree with Seadart about Kailua-Kona, lots of rental boats available.

Plenty Pupule
Is worth looking at for info on paddling the Big Island. I rented a boat from them back in 2006, which was much nicer than most of the boats you can rent there. They have a shop now in the Kona area. The website has an interesting link to Kelly’s circumnav of the Big Isle in 2002