Kayaking can be a drag!

Saw this post, how many of you are willing to verify with your yak?

Can you say hillbillies. Must not like his boat. Never mind. I got to the part about drag plates. I get it. Better question is how many beach landing in sand will a kayak make before it wears a hole in the keel. Hey, thanks for the post, because it reminds me that I’ve seen some yaks with sacrificial drag plates, like the ones you can add to wood kayaks.

I got a challenge for you: see if you can find the best kayak for down hill snow. Wonder if this guy demonstrates the best tow behind kayak. Try just listening while you type.

I was waiting for him to complete the test and make a hole in it. I was guessing that would take 20 to 30 miles, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it took twice that.

No lie! He did have . . . Enthuthiasm!

I would say this one.

Somehow I knew you’d do that. Does a rudder help? Don’t do that.

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