Kayaking Canada's Slate Islands

Greetings, looking at a trip next summer to the Slate Island group east of Thunder Bay in Lake Superior. Anyone been there, done that? Eager to learn about camp sites (primitive) and any routes to take or avoid. Did you shuttle out or paddle? Eager to chat. Thanks!

Check out this book
Not sure, but I think there is a pretty good description of that area in Bill Newman’s “Guide to Sea Kayaking in Lakes Superior and Michigan”: http://www.paddling.net/store/showProduct.html?product=151

As I recall, he outlines the logistics of making the crossing from the mainland, and also recommends a local outfitter for a boat shuttle out to the group. Aside from that, the book is a valuable resource for anyone paddling Lakes Superior & Michigan.

You might also be interested in my write-up of our first paddling trip to the Thunder Bay area and the nearby Rossport Islands:


Good Luck!