Kayaking class/Bethesda, Md

I am looking for a beginning sea kayaking class for a friend who lives in Bethesda, Md. does anyone have any businesses or instructors that they would like to recommend? I have already pulled four different businesses off this sight under paddling schools, but it’s always nice to have another paddler recommend them first. Thanks for your help in advance.

I would recommend Amphibious Horizons in Annapolis, MD or Atlantic Kayak in Alexandria VA. Both are very good.

thank you!

Atlantic Kayak
I’d also recommend Atlantic. They give there classes at the Piscataway location in Ft Washington. Nice friendly and professional group.


check the post
Tell them to take a look at the weekend section in Friday’s Washington Post. There are usually several schools listed there. You could also post the same question on the Monocacy Canoe Club board. They have a lot of folks in the D.C. area and I have seen various schools discussed there in the past. Their message board is at


Thanks everyone!!
I appreciate the help, hopefully if I’m up in your area next year, maybe we can get a paddle in. Thanks again,

Yet another vote for Atlantic Kayak
I’ve taken Intro, BCU 2-star, BCU 3-star, and several winter rolling classes with Atlantic Kayak. They’re friendly, very professional, highly competent, and offer a one-stop shop for sea/touring kayakers in the DC area. They’re the best operation in the area for sea kayaking instruction.

AK doesn’t offer much in the way of whitewater kayaking instruction or equipment - if your friend is interested in giving that a try, Potomac Paddlesports is the best local instruction shop I’ve tried for WW.

Stylistically, PP seems a bit younger and more gung ho, while AK is a bit more laid-back, though both take the instruction equally seriously.

AKC and PP
Ditto to the votes for Atlantic Kayak and Potomac Paddlesports. I’ve paddled with them numerous times and enjoyed every trip and lesson. The rolling instructors with Potomac Paddlesports are fantastic.