Kayaking Corpus Christi

Several of us are camping and paddling in Corpus in mid January, the trip leader knows the area and has planned paddles in Aransas and along the waterfront and the aircraft carrier.

I’m just wondering if anyone has suggestions for other stops or any recent changes in the area that would be of interest to us?

Any outstanding eating establishments to recommend?



combustion boats towed by dual cab four wheel drive pickup trucks, hundreds, and a continuous stiff wind.

One winter at Rockport, one day was calm, ONE ! On a weekend…

Fishing out of Rockport is very good.

Try paddling out of the boat launch inside Padre NP North. Take a look at inlets on the inshore side of that water.

South Padre has a nice old time…1970’s…feel to the place. Paddling at the Rio Grande’s mouth. Again. windy.

Visit the bird sanctuary north of South Padre. See why Ebsen and Parker had a rough trip, where oil money went to clear land for cotton.

In 1993, I drove a few miles touring Corpus. A NP Ranger warned me that touring Corpus was not advisable.

Corpus paddling
There are lots of paddling sites around Corpus Christi. Here is a website highlighting some http://home.earthlink.net/~johnsonkw/kayak-corpus/id12.html

Ken Johnson is a great local contact, guide, and source for renting high quality kayaks. Here is his PNet report and it gives more links to follow - http://www.paddling.net/places/showReport.html?54


I second that
Ken Johnson organized the Corpus Christi Paddlefest for over a decade. His last one was this year. He has handed over those duties to other volunteers. He is a wealth of knowledge on paddling Corpus and surrounding areas.

Thanks All!
The website has great info. We were already looking forward to the trip even more so now.