Kayaking "Down under"

Any Australians here? Or people who’d gone to the land “down under”?

I MIGHT get to go to Australia (Sydney/Melbourn area) in March for a week or two. If I do go, I should be able to spare a day or two on my own to do whatever I like. I thought If there’s fun places to paddle that doesn’t involve too much time and money, I’d like to make use of the opportunity. One doesn’t get too many chances to go to that part of the world…

NSW Sea Kayak Club…

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Try contacting the New South Wales Sea Kayak Club. They have a website at:


Their past newsletters have great articles and stories --- don't miss kayaker eating croc story:


Down-under kayaking
A friend who is investigating a posting to New Zealand says he’s been informed that – in New Zealand, at least – you can’t even rent kayaks without showing a certain degree of proficiency. He says that he’s been told that demonstrating a roll is mandatory.

This may be totally irrelevant to the Australian scene, but you might want to follow-up to make sure you can qualify before you make firm plans or put down any deposits.



Check With AussieDog
A guy over at BT surfzone called Aussie dog now lives around Santa Cruz. One of my SOT surfing friends is from Austrailia, he is also a sea kayaker. If I run into me I will ask. I have his phone number somewhere, but I just moved…

Been there, done that…

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Australia is a great place to go. I was there for a few weeks in 2001 and all I can say is WOW!

As far as contacts, I know a fellow that was in our kayak club here in the US that now lives in Melbourne. I'll forward him the post and see if he can give you some information. I'm not sure if The Adventure Company can provide what you're looking for but I would at least get in touch with them. We used them for a kayak trip in Cairns and they were awesome. Our guide, Jason, was the best. Here is a link to their website. http://www.adventures.com.au/

Two things I highly recommend doing are the Bridge Climb and going to the Market in the Rocks area. The Bridge Climb (http://www.bridgeclimb.com/) is kind of expensive but well worth it. The outdoor market is just a fun place to go. I found a vendor selling roasted corn on the cob that was sooo good I'm already looking forward to getting some more when I go back this March.


I am Melbourne kayaker
from US since June and will be delighted to help you out in and around Melbourne anyway I can. Also check into www.vsck.org.au for the Victorian Sea Kayak Club. Canoes Plus and a few others have rental boats.

I have Sydney contacts too. The New South Wales kayak club covers that area

Just e-mail me and I will see you in March!

for a change of pace you could check
the penrith whitewater park in sydney - if you do any whitewater kayaking, or you can also go down in a raft. catch the conveyor belt back up to the top, and do it again!