Kayaking DVDs


Any comments or reviews on these DVDs? Could you recommend one or two to start?

I’ve got a couple and when ‘introducing’ someone to paddling let them watch these first…saves me a lot of breath. Horodowitz has a pleasant personality and the ones with DH are comical. The information is well presented…if you have friends or kids that you are channelling into the sport then these are not a bad addition to your collection.

I own plenty of DVDs

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And my favorites are the:

Brent Reitz Forward Stroke

The entire Nigel Foster series, all six on sale at P.net with a bonus DVD, check it out.

The USK Beyond the Cockpit with Derek Hutchinson

EJs Rolling and Bracing

Addendum: I agree with waterdoc below: if you are going to paddle the Surf Zone, that USK DVD is da bomb. Many great and long segments on everything from reading waves to how to brace in surf. I have found none better.

Capsize Recoveries and Rescue Procedures
is a good first video set.

The ABC’s of the surf zone is fantastic if you are going to paddle in the ocean (I’m biased though as I am in it…)

The Derek Hutchinson video is very good after you have mastered some basic strokes.