Kayaking Elk River MD

Hello fellow paddlers. I was wondering if anyone who paddles around the northern part of the Chesapeake Bay has ever launched from Northeast Community Park in Northeast MD. I am planing a two day trip, and want to know if I can park there overnight. Does anyone know if this is possible, and if not, is there anywhere near that to do such?

I’ve launched from there
but never parked overnight, I’d call the town hall and ask.


Where are you going?

where im going
I think I made an error. Im leaving from northeast community park and paddling down the northeast river (not the elk as i think i said previously) about 12 miles to the island near fishing battery island for an overnight trip with some friends and back.

Now that’s my territory

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Another kayaker and I were instrumental in getting that launch site installed. There is no official overnight parking allowed there but if you call the Town Hall or the Police Dept. they may allow it. There would be no kind of security for your vehicle though. The Nauti Goose Restaurant or the marina might allow you to park at their facilities for a fee, wouldn't hurt to ask. If the timing is right you could leave your car at my house and I could shuttle you. PM me....

Campable island in the Bay?
Ya got my attention there, almost pulled a muscle grabbing my DeLorme. I see “Battery Island”, a mighty small dot that seems to be marked as part of Susquehanna National Wildlife Refuge. It’s campable? Commando style, I presume. Or is there another island? Do tell. I’m always looking for a good island to camp on.


Commando as far as I can tell
I believe that FB Island is illegal to land on, however there are two other islands right next to it that are “public.” Ive paddled to the bigger of the two, and there were many power boats who anchor there and sit on the beach. There are trees, and some shade as well. If you go to google maps and change it to hybrid view, its about 5.5 miles east of turkey point.