Kayaking Entire Delaware River

I have only kayaked/canoes/rafted day trips, ranging from 5-25 miles. Would like to Kayak entire Delaware River from Cannonville Dam (West Branch) to the end. I am anticpating planning a ‘practice’ by paddling Deposit to Port Jervis (and am aware that the water is really, really low right now).

How many days ought I expect it to take to do the entire length? Is 14 days reasonable? Is 5 days reasonable for the Deposit/Port Jervis run?

Please note that I take no issues in paddling long days - my objective is to plunder along, and not to ooh and ahh every single turtle or eagle (simply because I’ve done so many stretches of the river between The Dam and New Hope, I am already pretty familiar w/ the aesthetics).


Paddling info…

Thanks…I am aware of the Sojourn. (It led me to this site.) I may try it next year.

Point was…
The time frame…seven days…if you know the distance the sojurn covers, you might extrapolate from that approximate mileage you might do per day…should help to determine if you are allowing enough time for the Entire Trip…

Good Luck.

20-25 mile/day with normal water levels. Camping is difficult to do leagaly, OTH small quiet camps on private land without permission can be had. Look at the islands. Check out the angler’s access just downstream, of Deposit. Things on the resevoir, and near the dam, are verboten, or sketchy.

24 hours
Several years ago I paddled with a gentleman who paddled the entire length in somewhere around 24 nonstop hours.He did it as a fund raiser.I cant be sure if it was a guy in a comp cruiser or Doug in a down river kayak.

Port Jervis to Easton…
My brother-in-law and I paddled from Port Jervis to Easton in two days. We sometimes fished for a few hours here and there. hth

20 to 25 miles a day if it’s running
three feet or above. I’ve done the 20 miles from Skinners to the Lackawaxen in less than 2 hours when the river was swollen. That was in an old Grumman 14 foot flatbed.