Kayaking Equipment for a 13 y/o

Hi Everyone,

I am fairly new to these boards - but love all the information that is provided.

My son is in his 2nd season of paddling with the Lake Lanier Canoe and Layak Club. We are very lucky to have this in our area (the buildings were left over from the 1996 Olympics) - so the schools now use it to teach middle schoolers to Kayak.

Well, my son has now been asked to join a Sprint Team and I was thinking somewhere down the line of getting him his own equipment and wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on boats and paddles?

He is about 5’1 - light at about 95 pounds. He is proficient in a trainer and a mini (not sure if that is the tech term for each) - and is pretty confident in a We-no-nah Orion (which I would love to find for him).

SO, any suggestions regarding good paddles and a boat would surely be appreciated.

Thanks in advance! Lorena

my .02
Since no one else has chimed in, I can tell you that its hard to recommend a boat and paddle for a 13 yr old without knowing more information. Is he just looking to hang out with friends and paddling for fun(and may soon get bored) or is he an aspiring racer. You are indeed fortunate to be located close to Lake Lanier as I hear that is a well run training center. If he is really interested in kayaking and/or racing then I recommend talking to the folks at Lake Lanier as they should be able to steer you toward the right people for advice. It’s great to see kids showing interest in such a great sport. By getting proper instruction at such a young age he will learn quickly and will avoid learning any bad habits. I wish I started that young.