Kayaking for a tall person

I am 6 1/2 feet tall, I am new to kayaking and I’m looking at the old town Loon 106. Unfortunately I’m not able to see one of these in person before placing an order, can anyone with experience tell me if this particular model would give me enough leg room?

In my experience most 15 plus foot kayaks would have enough legroom for you. You can always look on the manufacturers website for measurements or email them if you find an older model. The guy who sold me his surfski was 6’9" and still had room to spare. Try it before you but it.

I can’t comment about the loon, as I don’t know a lot on the recreational class boats and sizing. If you are 6’ .5", likely it would it. If you are 6’6", then you really need to sit in any boat you are considering before buying to make sure, so you are outside of the standard sizing.

Keep in mind your weight also. That is a spec you should be able to find online. You shoud make sure you are at elast 50 pounds below max weight rating.

If you would consider a ea kayak, here is a list I got from a kayak instructor friend 9so someone who has paddled lots of boats) who is 6’ 7" and maybe 180 pounds:

I don’t think there is a kayak greater than 17’4" that I’m not able to fit into.

I would be able to fit into a fair amount of kayaks in the 16’-17’ range IF I drilled and re-mounted the footrails/ footpegs further away from the seat.

Here is a list of kayaks, shorter than 17’, that I can fit into WITHOUT any modifications:

 Current Designs Sirocco

 P&H Delphin 155

 NorthShore Atlantic LV

 Valley Gemini SP

 P&H(?) Hammer, the big one (I forget if there are multiple sizes or not)

 Dagger Alchemy (biggest)

 Dagger Stratos (the biggest one)

If you want a recreational kayak, the Pungo 140 will fit you. I am 6’5" and 230 and there is a little expansion room. I also fit in a Pungo 120, but my weight puts it too far down in the water.