Kayaking from Anchorage to Seattle

Has anyone heard of anyone who has done this trip? I am planning this trip in 2009 and would like any input I can get from folks who have completed this Paddle, or attempted it.

Inside Passage
Try the following website, there’s a lot of useful information. I’ve paddled parts of that trip; but not all of it. I plan to do three weeks south of Prince Rupert this summer. Good luck.


i or someone posted a great website in december about of a guy and gal who paddled two rubber rafts from vancouver past anchorage into the bering sea this past fall so they were doing it in a lot of snow. Look for the old post on here somewhere. It had the best outdoor photos i have ever seen on any website.


heres paddle link of two who just did it

here the link to the couple who just paddled it i mentioned in above post