kayaking from cabrillo to catalina

Hi im planning to cross the ocean from Cabrillo beach to catalina using a kayak, are there any groups out there that takes the same trip regularly that I can join.



California Kayak Friends
There are people who are members of a group called California Kayak friends (ckf.org) that do the trip reasonably regularly. I would check there for more info, people doing it you can join, etc. You could also search the trip reports there for “catalina” to read the reports from others who have done it.

That all said, the crossing you propose is 21+ miles of open ocean and heavily traffic by big ships. VERY committing with significant risks. I fully expect that no on will invite you along until they have a better feel for your gear and skills.

Plan, Kayak, Experience

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If you post a little more info about what you plan is, what kind of kayak you have and your experience, you may get more useful information.

If you are new to paddling you need to get quite a bit of experience doing coastal paddles before doing the Catalina crossing. You will also need to have navigation skills, ability to self rescue, and ability to paddle in high winds and waves if weather deteriorates.

I don't know where you are located, there used to be several good resources for taking classes in LA but they seem to have dried up.

Aqua-Adventures in San Diego offers some of the best classes in southern california. Jenn Kleck, the owner is one of the highest ranked kayak instructors in the US and an excellent teacher. Her seakayaking courses 1,2,3 are a good way to learn the basics and the trip she takes out to Todos Santos Island is a really good warm up trip for a long crossing and camping out of your kayak.



There are few folks loosely associated with the San Diego Kayak Club that do trips about twice a year to the channel islands. Once you have skills and participated in some coastal paddles they might invite you along.

physical conditioning

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out of and in the kayak.

a 21 mile ocean channel trip requires 25 mile paddles, plural, tuning body, technique and equipment.

there are times of the year best for crossings, a searchable knowledge tho I forget what terms are used or where the data is ....try Weather underground almanac as a starter.

Sumner is probable as the north end is open to north winds.

Having written this there are reports of paddlers 'just paddling across'....visiting blue whales...seeing UFO aliens.....partying on Catalina....coming back on a yacht...

but this is not your trip.

I was/am interested in visiting the blue whale but hav not had time to work that
into my schedule.

primary for my training are wrist n arm weights used in paddling motions, many various arm motions until tired, in intervals, every morning after stretching ex. Wrist Ex using wooden rod string n water jug ....

search kayak crossings of Lake Michigan

…does everyone assume the poster is a newbie?

There’re plenty of people who paddle extensively at their home water would like to paddle somewhere new but need the local specific information.

Finding a local group is one of the best way to get that kind of information. And joining a trip with a local group even better. It’s up to the local group to decide if he’s got the skill and experience to do the trip. Not some random people on internet starting telling him how to train for a 20 mile trip, which by the way anyone half way fit and proficient in technique can easily enjoy.

a slogan ?
you have to be there to get there …

conversations generalize for everyone not only the OP.

last I searched, online public group activities for crossing to Catalina were unfound.

as said herein, San Diego has a club.

there are videos in utube as kayak Catalina kayak Catalina Blue Whale

a crossing requires serious prep overtime than paddling round the pond or flowing c=downstream with current.

Not over bearing here, that’s seriously true

the ignorant

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...may not be the OP but datatroll!

"a crossing requires serious prep overtime than paddling round the pond or flowing c=downstream with current."

Talk about generalization! You're further insinuating the OP only done "flowing c=downstream with current". So clearly that's all YOU know about paddling. And if you think the difference between a 21 mile paddle vs a 25 miles one is even worth mentioning, you really don't know what it means to paddle ANY distance!

I happen to know people who had done multiple times of that very trip. And as another response pointed out, there's a group that does that with some regularity.

But you obviously didn't even read any of the posts in this thread. You just type your random trash regardless.

You know nothing about that crossing. And you're not interested in knowing the information that would be useful for anyone who wish to do it. You only care to hear your own voice!

You post in many threads with drivels that are not related to the questions being asked but only to show your naive "knowledge". Or rather, the lack of.

The original posters question …
“i’m planning to cross the ocean” is a dead give away that the paddler has never done any kind of open water paddling and especially not on the ocean.

Given this personal attack you lack required integrity for residence.

First crossing here a was a flawless across n back at 50 miles so I qualify.

Nyah nyah

We are attacking the OP is imbicilic.

PREP is building strength and finding you are prepared thru prep trials.

I disagree on the “dead giveaway” part
"“i’m planning to cross the ocean” is a dead give away that the paddler has never done any kind of open water paddling and especially not on the ocean."

Sure, the OP did not use the typical vernacular. But have you considered the possibility it’s just the OP’s language that’s lacking rather than his skill/experience?

Over the years of my paddling the two oceans, I’ve met many paddlers from all over the world. For example, there’s a couple from Norway that have plenty of experience in cold water and surfs but couldn’t explain what roll he/she was using to come back up with only one hand on the paddle!

I don’t have a problem of people mentioning the challenge the OP should expect, and even that the group he wishes to join will expect proof of his skill, as Peter-in-CA did. It’s all the condescension in the subsequent replies that I believe is unwarranted.

(btw, I’m ALWAYS amused by the pattern that the first reply to a thread tend to be the most useful one)


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The OP introduces a subject

The subject is discussed by interested parties.

The discussion is read by a more general public than posters viewed... the forums commercial intent, the forum's raison.

Obviously, readership acceptance of a broader range than the OP's ..
itself unknown as in asking the OP stakes his level...is at hand.

For me, attacked as a purveyor of drivel, writing here as a knowledgeable intermediate ..that is, closer to the OP than ABC world traveler social and literary critic bon vivant paddling guru.

“The discussion is read by a more general public than posters viewed… the forums commercial intent, the forum’s raison.

Obviously, readership acceptance of a broader range than the OP’s …”

And that’s the excuse for your show off drivel!

Care to justify your condescension as well?

Whatever floats your boat ABC
When original poster checks in you can ask them.

Min erfaring med norske padlere er at de fleste av dem snakke og skrive bedre engelsk enn mange som poste her.

If I were the OP,
I would contact the group directly and ignore this thread.

After all, that was the original question, and it was answered by the 1st response post.

So, I’m not at all surprised the OP never bother to post here again.