Kayaking from Clemson to North Augusta

A friend and I want to kayak from Clemson, SC to North Augusta, SC. We were wondering if anyone has tried this before. It looks like we’d have to split it up into two days. There’s a camp ground half way down and we figured we’d stop there. However, it looks like the lakes we’d be kayaking down aren’t continuously connected (as they appear on the map). In Lake Hartwell alone there are several land bridges, meaning we’d have to get out of the lake and carry out kayaks over. We were also wondering if we’d have to get any special permissions to do this.

Just wondering if anyone has done / considered doing something like this and could give us some advice.

Thanks in advance.

Lake Hartwell land bridges?
I have paddled a good bit on Hartwell. I don’t think there are any “land bridges” from Clemson to the Hartwell Dam that don’t have a break with a traditional bridge in them. Don’t underestimate the difficulty/ time to get around Hartwell Dam. Unfortunately I have never been on the section below Hartwell, so can’t advise there.

The dams

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These are Corps of Engineers lakes.
You may want to contact them for the rules reguarding the dams.
There are no other "land bridges".
Except for the dams, everything is navigable by kayak from Jocassee to Savanah