Kayaking Gaylord, MI area

Will be in Michigan this summer and would like to kayak something other than the Au Sable. Sturgeon looks good perhaps. Any other suggestions?

What kind of Kayak do you have? There
are many great spots in the Gaylord area. Otsego lake, Kasuba lake, Opal lake. Chub creek up Old State Road by the North Branch of the Au Sable, Opal lake is right there as well. The Pine River west of Cadillac is considered on of the best floats around. Wilderness State Park is one of the great spots in the area. Harbor Springs from town north around Harbor Point is beautiful. The Sturgeon and the Pigeon are right next to each other south of Indian River. The Jordan River valley is also considered a great float, it is over west of Mancelona/Alba. If you need more, let me know, but all of what I just mentioned has very good potential. Chub creek will be the most difficult, but very remote feel to it. Have fun. Bill

Just clarification
"Chub creek will be the most difficult, but very remote feel to it"

I’m not the original poster but - do you mean Chub Creek is the most difficult as in rapids, strainers, portages etc.?

Or most difficult to access and that is what gives the remote feel?

I don’t have much first hand experience but I’ve got some Michigan River paddling books and can give you info from them if you can be more specific about what your looking for…

rapids or calm

livery served for rides


Chub Creek is small water, tight, twisty

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and verypretty water. I remember it as a kid in canoes and looked at it last fall to see if my memories were correct. Still very clear, tight, and remote. Access will require some research, and your boat needs to be smaller. I would run Chub lake to Lovells. I am a Sea Kayaker and don't own anything under 17'7", I also fly fish, neither of which qualifies me to give advice on creek boating. Just trying to offfer some ideas. Bill

Kayaking MI rivers
I have recreational kayaks that can easily handle class I and II rapids. I prefer running rivers just to avoid the crowds and boats on big lakes. Thanks for your input!